Emergency number

In case of emergency:

  • Call the 1414 - Rega relief
  • Inform the office immediately

Why the Rega?
Our area being hilly it is difficult or even impossible for an ambulance to reach certain places. Rega can use its helicopters to land anywhere on the estate and even use the greens as a landing zone. The Rega personnel will decide on the resources to be committed.


A defibrillator is located in the Club-House opposite the main entrance.

Remember to call the emergency 1414 and inform the staff.

Security in case of a storm

In cas of thenderstorms, stop the game and seek shelter !

Stop the game immediately and ditch your gear and umbrella!

Please go to the clubhouse or take shelter at the places mentioned on the protection plan. Along the way, go individually, avoid high places, keep distance from trees, and don't touch fences.

Avoid :

  • Isolated trees
  • Water (ponds orlakes)
  • Raised areas
  • Metal objects

Seek :

  • Building
  • Shelter in a closed car
  • Pits / troughs

When is there a real risk ?
There is a real danger of being struck down if you count less than 10 seconds between lightning and thunder.

Who does what ?
During free games, it is the player's responsibility to stop play and take cover as soon as safety conditions are no longer met, in accordance with rule 5.7a.

The Golf de Lavaux staff can intervene at any time and sound the stoppage of play by means of the foghorn for your safety

The Golf de Lavaux staff can sound the foghorn to ensure the smooth running and organization of the game. 

In official turnaments*, the Golf de Lavaux staff sound the foghorn in order to interrupt the game as well as to signify resumption according tot the following rules :

  • Twice = play again
  • Three times = cancelation of the turnament 

La foudre est un risque réel, soyez prudents !

The Golf de Lavaux declines all responsibility in the event that these rules are not respected.

Golf de Lavaux

*(published in the official calendar)