Local rules

Out of bounds (Rule 18)

Out of bounds is defined by white stakes or by the line at ground level on the course side of the white stakes.

A ball coming to rest on or beyond the Chemin du Lac de Bret is out of bounds, even if it comes to rest on a part of the course which is in play for the other holes.

Integral parts of the playing area

The stone boulders and stone walls, the pumping station / WC (holes 13/14), the electric station (holes 10/17) are integral parts of the playing area. The ball is played as it lies or clearance is used as per rule 19. The ball may be cleaned.

No-go areas : these areas are strictly off-limits to golfers

The areas defined by red stakes with green tops are no-go areas. It is forbidden to retrieve a ball from a no-go areaRelief must be taken from interference caused by the no play zone under rule 17.1e. If it is not possible to play the ball without stepping into the no-go area, the player can move the ball without penalty.


Drop zone hole n°2

The dropping zone is an additional option if the ball is in the red penalty zone behind the green of hole 2.

Ground in abnormal conditions (rule 16)

The ground under repair is defined by blue stakesor any area surrounded on the ground by a white or blue line.

Power lines

If a ball hits an electric wire, the stroke must be canceled and replayed without penalty (rule 14.6). Another ball can be used.

Protection of yound trees identified by guardians

If such a tree interferes with a player's stance or the area of his intended swing, the ball must be lifted, without penalty, and dropped in accordance with the procedure prescribed in rule 16.1f. The ball can be cleaned when so lifted. 

Penalty area at hole N°5

If a player does not know whether his ball is in the penalty area at hole 5, the player may play a provisional ball under rule 18.3.

The player may use the options written in rule 17.1d with a penalty stroke (stroke and distance relief, relief back on line, lateral relief).

When the original ball is found in the penalty area within three minutes of the search, the player may choose : 

  • Either to continue playing the original ball as it lies in the penalty area, in which case the provisional ball shall not be played. Any strokes played with this provisional ball before it is abandoned do not count (including strokes made and any penalty strokes incurred solely by playing this ball).
  • Either to continue playing the provisional ball, in which cas the original ball must not be played.

When the original ball is not found within three minutes of search time or is certain or almost sure to be in the penalty area, the provisional ball becomes the playing point. 


We kindly ask you to respect the following etiquette whilst playing:

  • Raise your pitch marks
  • Replace your divots
  • Rake ball and shoe traces in bunkers
  • Respect the ready play 
  • Respect your reserved tee time
  • Be courteous both on and off the course
  • Staff members have priority at all times